Sneak Off and Read: Lines with a Metaphor/Analogy/Symbolism, #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines with a Metaphor/Analogy/Symbolism for a lovely start to your week, enjoy!

Jeannie Hall - book cover - violation of faithSprinkles of rain started to descend upon the bedlam, adding salt to a festering wound. The sprinkles became a torrent, and the scene before him took on the surrealistic quality of a watercolor.

~ Jeannie Hall, Sister of Dark, Angsty Suspense


The violation people talked about had me feeling dirty, as if someone had touched my body and rummaged through my mind. I shivered.

~ Melissa Keir, Sister of Small Town Suspense
Protecting Her Pigg (In the Summer Heat Box Set)

I struggled to breathe against what felt like a trunk lying on my chest, but it wasn’t working. I gasped in a choppy, staccato pattern with a high-pitched wheeze.

~ S.A. Taylor, Sister of Southern Inspired Suspense
Follow Me  (a work in progress) 

Sharon Wray

From the edge of the woods, a shy doe watched Rafe. With delicate legs poised to run and brown wary eyes, the deer reminded him of Juliet–always alone, unable to trust, ready to disappear.

~ Sharon Wray, Sister of Military Romantic Suspense
See Her No More (a work in progress)

As much as he’d looked forward to seeing her today, an internal warning suddenly flickered, like the lights in an execution chamber. He had no business waking up the past.

~ Sarah Andre, Sister of Riveting Suspense


He looked huge, probably because his uniform, which appeared to be bulked with a bullet-proof vest, made him resemble a buffed-up superhero in size. Exceedingly intimidating.

~Vicki Batman, Sister of Sassy Writing

Diana Belchase

Turning his back on her, Ashstone used tweezers to remove a live fly from a jar and placed the insect on the red and green leaf of one of his Venus flytraps. He smiled with ghastly pleasure as spiny, serrated jaws clamped down on the prey.

~ Diana Belchase, Sister of Secrets and Spies
The Spy in the Mirror (a work in progress)

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_750 (2)Dark hair. Dark eyes. Expertly trimmed moustache. A big bear of a man who reminded me of Magnum P.I.

~ Joanne Guidoccio, Sister of Reinvention

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  1. Wow, great lines! So vivid, it drew me right in 🙂

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  2. bell612 says:

    great lines, very descriptive

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  3. Sharon Wray says:

    Love the lines this week, ladies! 🙂

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