Momentous Occasions


Those can be anniversaries, birthdays, getting a new job, losing a job, getting engaged, getting married, having a baby, losing a pet. They rip your heart in two or make you feel like you’re on the top of a mountain. Last week I was fortunate to have two momentous occasions, both wonderful. I shared a very special BD with my cousin and on the same day celebrated the release of my 4th book, ACT OF TRUST, Book 2, The Second Chances Series. This book about a Texan is set in my favorite state, Maine.

Act of Trust 500x750

Here’s the blurb:

A widow since 9/11 and a mother of grown daughter, Kate Thompson wants to keep her and her daughter safe, but the inheritance of land in Maine pushes her out of her comfort zone in Texas and into the arms of a Maine lawyer.

Maine lawyer and environmentalist, Jim Donovan wants to protect Aunt Liddy’s land and keep it from falling into the hands of the developers, but first he has to convince Kate Thompson she should hold on to the family land when she doesn’t even want to go look at it. However, he’s unprepared for the attraction each feels for the other, but denies exists.

Will they be able to settle the land deal before anyone else is killed or they break each other’s hearts?

This story is personal to me, since my younger daughter and her husband moved to NYC the Sunday before 9/11. A portion of the sale of each book will go to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and Gardens.


You’d like an excerpt, you say? How about this one?

Sunday, August 18

“Who do you know in Maine?” Kate Thompson’s friend Devon Moore fanned the two legal size envelopes she held in her hands. They made a snapping sound, punctuating the quiet of the evening.

Kate glanced at her friend, who’d driven to Fort Worth from her home in Dallas, but she didn’t respond.

“You haven’t opened either one, Kate. The return label reads, James Donovan, Esq., Griffin Harbor, Maine. You keeping secrets, my friend?”

“Oh, foot. I’ve been busy with house showings and just forgot. I got one last week and then the other letter arrived today.” She nibbled at a cuticle on her thumb.

“You realize the Esq. means he’s a lawyer, right?” Devon said.

“You’re going to make me open them, right?”

“Of course.” Devon flipped the envelopes against her thigh.

Kate’s puff of frustration sounded louder than she’d intended. Dealing with a lawyer in a real estate transaction was one thing, but otherwise she’d prefer to keep her distance from lawyers. Red bloomed on her thumb where she’d picked at the cuticle on her left hand again. She grabbed a tissue to stop the bleeding.

She’d had enough of lawyers when settling her husband’s affairs. Time to change the subject. “Where do you want to go for dinner?”

“Anything’s fine with me. You or Addie pick. You know the places here in Fort Worth better than I do. Too bad Kim couldn’t get away from Wichita Falls for a quick visit.”

“She had a family obligation.” Kate couldn’t stop the grin from forming. “You know I’ll pick Italian if it’s up to me.”

Devon handed over an envelope. “Open. You’ll have to stop picking then.” Despite all the products from her make-up company Devon had given her over the years, Kate still picked at her cuticles.

“Okay, okay,” she lowered the drop leaf on the hall desk and lifted out an old letter opener handed down from her grandfather. She slid the long silver blade across the edge of the envelope, the ripping sound grating on her ears. Then she pulled out the one page missive and scanned the words.

“Oh, my goodness.”

“What’s the matter?”

“John’s Aunt Liddy died.”


photo(11) Fall in Maine.

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What are the names of some series you read/have read? What is it you like about a series over an entirely stand-alone book? A random commenter will be eligible to win an e-copy of this book. I’ll announce the winner on Thursday on my website and on FB.:)

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