Spring Flings by the Sisters of Suspense

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This second week of March is usually Spring Break for most school districts in Texas. Though I’ve heard a few jumped the gun and celebrated last week. Anyway, I thought you might find it interesting to hear about some of the sisters’ spring break adventures and misadventures. Let’s see what they have to say.

Vicki Batman, Sister of Sassy Writing

Spring-Bustin’ out All Over! IMG_0285 Vicki Pic

I have to confess, when I grew up, my schools didn’t have Spring Break. Usually, an extra day was added around Easter. My boys had a Spring Break, but not a Fall Break. We didn’t go anywhere because our lives were centered on the company business and my hubby’s travels. When the company first began, we had little money. I did work part-time doing the odd and end jobs at the office, but took off break days so we could go to the zoo, play at the park, etc. Just the fun stuff!

For me, Spring Break is really the blossoming of Spring Time. It all begins in February when the flowering quince outside my office window bursts into dark peachy-pink blooms. Soon the tiniest bees arrive and flit and float from flower to flower. Then the bulbs push from the ground. The flowering peach, pear and plum trees spread their beauty. The grass changes from straw to soft turf.

Spring is breaking soon

Love this description, Vicki! Almost lyrical.


Melissa Keir, Sister of Small Town Suspense

Award winning and best-selling author  www.melissakeir.com

I don’t take vacations during Spring Break because as a teacher, I liked having the week to enjoy with my family. However, we did drive down to Florida one year, shortly after I remarried. Imagine being in a small SUV with four children for the 24 hour drive to Florida to visit my new in-laws. We stayed in some rough hotels along the drive (bugs included) and once we got to my in-laws, we all shared a bedroom, the six of us! Of course, since I had work to do…my computer came with me. A teacher’s job is never done! We did get to enjoy the Florida sunshine but the crowds were too much at Disney. And while we had a nice visit, it wasn’t a vacation we’ve done again.

That’s quite a story, Melissa. Ooooh, bugs!!

Jeannie Hall, Sister of Dark Angsty Suspense

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I was never one who went to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break – I was always a very serious student, so I spent the spring breaks of my youth at home resting and relaxing. However, when I was a teacher, hubby and I always planned a vacation during this time. One of those was to Nags Head, NC. It is so gorgeous there on the beach. There’s so much to do with the Bodie Island Lighthouse, the dunes, and the Wright Brothers Museum  1668116601. We really enjoyed it, and I look forward to going back.

That’s my not-really-wild story! LOL!

Maybe not wild, Jeannie, but very sweet.

Kathryn Jane, Sister of Psychological Suspense

Spring Break hadn’t been invented when I was in school, just Christmas, then Easter.

But when it did first start, I had a friend with a boarding stable who asked if I would like to help him occupy the little girls who’d be hanging out all week at the barn. You can only ride and groom for so many hours, and lots of the girls were dropped off for the day while their parents worked. Plus, lots of the kids shared the school horses.

This, is was my first experience with a captive audience. And let me just say, Wow, I was hooked!

I taught special skills such as how to apply proper leg wraps, special foot care, and a bunch more fun stuff. They sopped it up like giant sponges, and were amazingly quick studies.

I was also very impressed by the school horses and ponies who stood so patiently while having all four legs wrapped by a gaggle of kids ranging from eight to sixteen years old.

I found myself looking forward to Spring Break every year, and a new batch of kids. I haven’t done this now for many years, but satisfy my need to teach by offering a wide variety of online workshops for writers. http://kathrynjane.com/workshops-and-online-courses/

How cool that you got to recognize and use your gift of teaching so soon, Kathryn. This seems like such a perfect Spring Break for you.:)

Stephanie Taylor, sister of Southern Inspired Suspense

My “Unpopular” Spring Break Destination

It was the spring break of 1986. Most of my high school friends headed to popular (and unsupervised) spring break destinations. I chose a trip with my best friend, Jenny, and visited my grandmother, who had just moved to Bradenton, Florida.

One might think a vacation spent in a retirement community wouldn’t sound like much fun. However, my spunky grandmother busted that myth. She had planned a full week of adventure for us, including daily beach trips to Anna Maria Island, several jaunts to flea markets in search of the perfect shell necklace and ring, a Royal Lipizzan Stallion horse show, and even took a boat cruise in the Bay.

I returned home sunburned, loaded down with shell rings and necklaces, and very spoiled from overindulging in the best freshly, squeezed orange juice around. It’s been exactly one year since I lost my grandmother. Those memories spent with her and my best friend are absolutely priceless and a trip I will never forget.


Wow, Stephanie, what a super grandma! She had planned such fun things for y’all to do! I’m sorry for your loss, but what great memories she provided you.

Jacqui Nelson, Sister of Wild West Suspense

Two years ago in February-March 2014, I swapped 28 days of wild spring weather (wind, rain and some fleeting sunshine) in my current hometown of Victoria (on the west coast of Canada) for summer in New Zealand. Having a friend living there made the trip extra easy and enjoyable. We did loads of walking and water activities. We treated ourselves to fine wines, food and some essential cold beer when the heat became a challenge. Every day made for a brilliant memory with too many pictures to share, but here are some highlights: touring the Hobbiton movie set on secluded farmland near Matamata; visiting Rotorua’s Wai-O-Tapu hot springs, boiling mud pools and green sulfur-acid lakes; hiking up Robinson Crusoe type islands (where a boat dropped us off and only came back at the end of the day, fingers crossed); and drinking beer while waiting for a ferry to deliver us to our next adventure. It was one of the most amazing springs I’ve ever had the good fortune to experience.

JacquiNelson-Hobbiton Movie Set JacquiNelson-Robinson Crusoe Island

JacquiNelson-Beer While Waiting For Next Adventure

 These pictures are awesome, Jacqui, and you get the prize for going the farthest!


Marsha R. West, Sister of Second Chances

My story is similar to some of the others. I didn’t grow up going on spring break vacations. My family wasn’t poor, but we didn’t have extra money for vacations. Our trips were always connected to moving from one place to another.

It wasn’t until I was married and we had children that I learned about spring break trips. My older daughter came home from school asking, “Where are we going for spring break?” because so many of her friends were going someplace. Thus began the annual trips somewhere. When the girls were little we frequently went to Corpus Christi, TX. Beaches, Sand, Boats, and eating lots of fish. Fond memories.

About fifteen years ago we started a series of Spring Break trips with five couples. Each couple took a turn picking and setting up the trip. We’ve had some awesome Texas trips, Salado, Galveston, Boerne, Fredricksburng, Jefferson,  Granbury. Here are a few pictures. Bluebonnets at Fredricksburg, TX.


MRW iPhone 5-14-12 101 Birds carved from trees killed during Hurricane Ike in Galveston, TX We saw a slew of these creations. Amazing.

So is Spring Break a part of your life? What are some of the best places you’ve gone? We’d love to hear from you.

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