Superheroes Don’t Always Wear Capes #HappyMothersDay #RSos

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Mothers are the first people we meet. They shape us into the people we become and can sometimes be our best friends or our arch-nemesis (sometimes both in the same day). Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers are also vital to our growth as they lead us down life’s path. Sisters of Suspense takes a look at those amazing women who have shaped lives.

Marsha R. West-Sister of Second Chances~~ My mother passed away about thirteen years ago. I still miss her. If you’ve lost your mother, you know what I mean.

We are in the process of downsizing so I’ve been going through lots of boxes in closets and in the garage. As we lost parents and aunts and uncles, we inherited lots of their “stuff.”

IMG_1459Despite the fact my parents and I moved a lot, Mom kept lots of remembrances. I’m so glad she did. It’s been fun and tearful going through and reading notes from various friends and bosses over the years. Mom was not a stay-at-home mom. She was a top-notch Civil Service secretary and worked for many high-powered wing and base commanders. They all adored her. She was very good at her job.

I also ran across more of her writings, short stories and even her journaling after my father died. Pretty gut-wrenching reading, but I’m glad she saved it. I didn’t throw it away.

She took great care of herself, doing a manicure every Sunday evening so her hands would look good at work and slathering on moisturizer every evening. It paid off. She always looked at least ten years younger than her age. She dressed in a stylish professional manner. A perfectionist, she had high expectations for those around her.

One of the things she saved was a tiny gift card to her from my dad. I don’t know what the gift was or when he gave it to her. They had a life-long love affair.

I’ve always loved and admired my mother. It made me proud to read how many others did, too. She set a really high standard for me to live up to. I’m trying, Mom.


Katherine Jane-Sister of Psychological Suspense~~I loved my great grandmother, an extremely strong woman. I was always aware that her name was Annie, but she was my Nana. I loved to visit her, and I can’t even say why. But I’d get on the bus alone at the age of eight, and ride the mile or so to her house and spend an hour with her. She loved her dog, and her soap opera. No one called her or visited when it was on. It was a rule. When I think of her, try to conjure up her image, instead I hear her voice.

mothers_day_4394x2775It was very distinct. Rather like a cello. Years after she was gone it occurred to me that her voice had been influenced by the accents of her parents, from the Canadian Maritimes, and her husband who was from a German family. But when her youngest daughter got to be the age Nana was when I knew her best, my great aunt had a very similar voice.

So for my mother’s day memory, I will say that the music of my Nana’s voice still lingers in my mind, more than thirty years since her passing.


Jeannie Hall-Sister of Dark, Angsty Suspense~~ My mom has always been there for me. During my childhood, she was a stay-at-home mom, which meant I could depend on her always. From the picture, you can tell she loves to fish and camp. She and I have always loved the outdoors and nature in general. Despite having some health setbacks in her life, she continues to be a devoted wife to my dad and a wonderful mother to my sister and me – even though we’ve both been grown and married for over twenty years now.

mom She is actually the first person who told me I should write – an idea I rather flippantly blew off until my thirties. But she was right. Once I gave writing a try, I fell in love – madly in love. I am fortunate enough to still have my mom, and she has been so thrilled to watch me become a published author. She squeed along with me when I got “the call,” received my first cover art, and was given my first release date. Being able to physically hand her an autographed copy ranks right up there with falling in love with my hubby, my wedding day, and discovering my love of writing in the first place. I love her to pieces and am overwhelmingly blessed to have her.



Melissa Keir-Sister of Small Town Suspense~~We were like oil and water, butting heads and shedding tears over our conflicts. Everyone said we were too much alike. I think that as the oldest of five girls, I took a lot on my shoulders, while Mom cared for my sisters. I had to be the responsible one. It wasn’t until I was almost 18 that we connected. She became my best friend and closest confidant. Sadly, I didn’t have her very long.

dawneShe’s been gone for over fifteen years. Each time, I visit my hometown, I stop by the cemetery to visit her. We talk about everything still today. I share my highs and lows. Yet, there are so many things I wish had been different. Life does have regrets–I regret that my mom never got to really know my children nor my husband. She never saw me become an author (a dream of her own) and she missed out on so much of life.

Just yesterday, I received a package from my sister. My dad is downsizing his home and cleaning out the attic. A box filled with memories was sorted and I received my old school report cards, test scores, immunization card…but best of all- some homemade cards I made for my mom. It helped remind me that even though we were often at odds, we still loved each other unconditionally and with our whole hearts.

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We at the Sisters of Suspense hope that all Mothers, Grandmothers and special women have a fabulous day! Enjoy the many blessings of your life!


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