Sneak Off and Read: Lines about Strength, #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about STRENGTH for a lovely start to your week, enjoy!


When the call came, I pulled my long hair into a ponytail and quickly left for the crime scene. I’d constantly felt I needed to be tougher and better than everyone else, especially as a girl in a man’s world.

~ Melissa Keir, Sister of Small Town Suspense
Protecting Her Pigg (In the Summer Heat Box Set)

She grasped the door handle and stepped forward, but a strong arm from behind held her like a vice. The other clamped tight over her mouth.

~ S.A. Taylor, Sister of Southern Inspired Suspense
Twisted Fate  (a work in progress) 

Sharon Wray

With the sounds of grunting men and clanking metal behind him, Nate hopped on a treadmill and set it to shred. He kicked his mental game into play, pushed his body into a punishing rhythm, and studied the entrances and exits.

~ Sharon Wray, Sister of Military Romantic Suspense
See Her No More (a work in progress)

Frannie, Hannah, and Rick had all compared him to Harrison, but he wasn’t, not deep inside. Devon would be straightforward and honest, no matter how hard that was.

~ Sarah Andre, Sister of Riveting Suspense


“Quit using such a pathetic excuse,” I said, strength and anger expressed in my voice. “Imagine how I feel right now, knowing you wanted to be with me for any information I could give you.”

~Vicki Batman, Sister of Sassy Writing

Diana Belchase

Like an acrobat on a high wire, she lifted herself in perfect balance as she rose amid the various levels. At the very top, she was still about two feet from the beam. There was no choice; she must jump.

~ Diana Belchase, Sister of Secrets and Spies
The Spy in the Mirror (a work in progress)

Jacquie BiggarJulie sank into her chair, shrinking before his eyes. “When? What happened?” She closed her eyes and inhaled, then slowly let it out and sat up, reaching for a pen and paper. “Give me the details. This is my case.”

~ Jacquie Biggar, Sister of Suspense w/Attitude
The Beast Within- #WIP

510Ov6CQc7L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_This homegirl didn’t climb out of some episode of Leave it to Beaver. They may also not have considered how voraciously a mother could protect her unborn child.

~ Sam Bradley (writing as McKenna Sinclair), Sister of Medical Romantic Suspense

A_Taming_SeasonsmallZoe wasn’t ready for that look in his eyes, one of concern and almost . . . possessiveness. Panic clutched at her throat, and for a moment she was afraid to even try to speak. No, this is not going to happen to me again.

~ Claire Gem, Sister of New Gothic Romance

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_750 (2)“Will you shut up once and for all?” Roberto grabbed Sofia by the hair and slapped her so hard she fell to the ground.

~ Joanne Guidoccio, Sister of Reinvention

Jeannie Hall - book cover - violation of faithHe took three steps back and propelled himself with every ounce of his strength toward the space. The length of his left hip slammed into the wood, widening the gap; with a shakyhand, he reached in to disengage the locks and staggered inside.

~ Jeannie Hall, Sister of Dark, Angsty Suspense


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  1. Love these lines! They portray so much strength in times of turmoil. Great job, ladies 🙂

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  2. bell612 says:

    Enjoyed reading all the different ways to show strength, It’s no wonder you are all such great authors.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jeannie Hall says:

    These were wonderful! Very evocative!

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