Sneak Off and Read: Lines about HALLOWEEN, #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about  HALLOWEEN for a spooky start to your week. Enjoy!

Sharon WrayIn a purple lace dress that had once been a Halloween costume, combat boots, and black tulle petticoat Samantha was all emo all the time. A total goth girl.

Sharon Wray
When Next We Meet (work in progress)

TemporarilyInsane_w10205_750 coverOn another joyous occasion, I received sets of socks embroidered with holiday symbols for every month. Hearts for Valentine’s, spring chicks for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, and candy canes for Christmas.

Vicki Batman

51ujnuq5lxlWhy don’t you, your woman, and your medicine man leave me to suffer alone.

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair

“You forgot to shave.” “No. This is part of my disguise.”

Veronica Forand

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_750 (2)Was it good or bad luck to be opening my office on Halloween? When I had made the decision last week, I hadn’t checked the calendar.

Joanne Guidoccio

STaylor photo

Kelli envied Beth’s unapologetic sense of style and ability to speak her mind. Today, dressed in a bright orange shirt paired with black and white leggings, Beth displayed her love for all things Halloween.

S.A. Taylor
A Step Too Close (work in progress)

51wddrbfbgl-_ac_us160_In the meantime, I’ll check with the sheriff to make sure he’s doing everything to keep you safe.” Halloween night brought the snows.

Marsha West


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  1. Spooky and delicious! Great lines and I love the meme, Stephanie!


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