My Fascination with the Devil #amwriting #Suspense #RSsos @jacqbiggar

It’s not what you’re thinking. Okay, maybe it is.

I’ve fallen in love.

He’s Handsome, smart, charming, and oh yeah, he’s the devil.

And I’m not alone.

Thousands tune in every Monday night to watch what is quickly becoming a craze on Twitter and various other social media platforms.

That’s right, it’s Lucifer.

So what is this phenomenon all about?

Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, this series follows Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. After abandoning his throne and retiring to Los Angeles, Lucifer indulges in his favorite things (women, wine and song) — until a murder takes place outside of his upscale nightclub.

For the first time in billions of years, the murder awakens something unfamiliar in Lucifier’s soul that is eerily similar to compassion and sympathy.

Lucifer is faced with another surprise when he meets an intriguing homicide detective named Chloe, who appears to possess an inherent goodness — unlike the worst of humanity, to which he is accustomed. Suddenly, Lucifer starts to wonder if there is hope for his soul.

Like Lucifer-played by the amazing Tom Ellis, I think we all go through phases where we don’t feel good enough (He thinks he was sent to Hell as punishment from Father. His older brother, Amenadiel- played by D.B Woodside, tells him it was actually because He trusted Lucifer to keep the evil ones down there and so protect humanity.)


Lately, I’ve been struggling with personal self-esteem. That’s the problem with being an introvert, you spend way too much time in your head.

My sales are down. My writing is slo… ow going, each word is like pulling teeth, and my family has been having medical problems.

Hard to stay positive in the face of all that adversity.

But, then hope appears (much like Lucifer’s guiding light, Chloe). A good review here, a kind word there, and the darkness falls away. Maybe I can finish this story. Find new readers. Make my mark in this crazy world of writing.


If you haven’t watched Lucifer yet, you should. It’s surprising what the devil can teach us. 🙂

By the way, I have a new release coming out!

July 1st 2017 is the one hundred fiftieth birthday of Canada’s Confederation and our local writing/critiquing group decided it would be fun to do an anthology to celebrate.

My contribution, My Baby Wrote Me A Letter, stems from a news segment I watched. A woman bought an old desk at a yard sale. After bringing it home she began the process of refinishing the wood and happened to find a letter taped to the back of a drawer.

When she read the message, she realized the note could be important to someone, and with little more than a faded name to go on, began a search for the writer of the mysterious letter.

It was placing a picture on Facebook that led to the son of the man who had written that long ago message to his family. He had recently been diagnosed with cancer and feared he would never survive to see his children grow, so he wrote them a letter from the heart.

The news story had a happy ending; the man survived the cancer and lived not only to see his children to adulthood, but several of his grandchildren as well.

His story was an inspiration to me,



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  1. I love the show Lucifer. Great acting and it’s not only drama but funny.

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    1. Agreed! Lucifer reminds me of Sheldon from the TV show Big Bang Theory, which is weird in and of itself, lol. Sheldon is as close to asexual as you can get, while Lucifer adores women. But both are so pragmatic it comes off as hilarious 🙂
      Thanks for commenting today, Marian, have a great weekend!


  2. vicki says:

    Hi, Jacquie! I don’t watch Lucifer even though it sounds awesome. I did just finish the third season of Fargo and totally admire the creative writing. I also love your story premise about the lost letter. Now, that said, I feel your pain about writing and the family health issues. Sometimes, things happen and we don’t understand why until later on. You’ll be fine. Hugs, vb

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Vicki. I try to live with the thought things happen for a reason, but sometimes
      it’s hard to stay positive.
      I’ll have to try Fargo out 🙂


  3. Fascinating post, Jacquie. I haven’t watched Lucifer but I need to now. Hang in there. You know you’re good at what you do. Can’t wait to read the new story. Love the cover!

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    1. Thanks, Mckenna! Lucifer is wickedly good 🙂


  4. Kathryn Jane says:

    Oh boy, I hear you Jacquie! I actually considered stopping this crazy game but instead I’ve taken a hiatus and don’t have a deadline until September, and I’ve started writing while sitting in waiting rooms of hospitals and doctor’s offices, and it helps.

    Like Vicki said “Sometimes, things happen and we don’t understand why until later on.” I agree with her, so hugs from me too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny you should mention deadlines, I think that’s part of the problem. Some people thrive with a timeframe for getting their books done. I seem to freeze up, lol
      I’ll try your advice of doing it at the doc’s office, sure would help pass the time!


  5. S.A.Taylor says:

    Great post, Jacquie! I am so anxious to watch this show, especially after your great teaser. Congrats on the upcoming book release. It’s been great seeing this story evolve, and I can’t wait to read the final draft.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, S.A. 🙂
      I think you’ll like the show, it’s deeper than it seems at first.
      And THANK YOU for being an amazing critique partner!

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  6. Excellent post, Jacquie! I’ve never watched Lucifer but am intrigued. Hang in there, you’re a great writer with many stories to share. I’m looking forward to reading My Baby Wrote Me a Letter. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your amazing support, Joanne! {{hugs}}


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