Sneak Off and Read: Lines with the theme CHOKE, #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines with the theme CHOKE for a great start to the week. Enjoy!

I invited her out to dinner and put the ring in a glass of champagne. Problem is, she choked on the damn thing and they had to call the paramedics.

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair

“Wow,” I choked, “you guys must have done really well. You both smell like cat food.”

Claire Gem

He took her face between his hands, threading his fingers into her hair, and she choked back a sob. How long since he’d touched her this way?

Kathryn Jane

Elise came awake choking on gasoline fumes, disoriented by the sweet maple syrup scent of antifreeze.

A Twisted Fate (work in progress)

She twisted her wine glass. “He said his name was Ray Holland.” Jim choked on a bite of sandwich and grabbed for the bottle.

Marsha West

A huge push of air blew through the room and something crashed into the other side of the house. The shock wave swept dust and sharp debris into a mini tornado, and she choked on the rising smoke.

Sharon Wray
Every Deep Desire

I brushed invisible lint from my nose. “I apologize for intruding on your”—I choked for a nanosecond—“date.”

Vicki Batman

Fear dried the saliva in her mouth and she choked, the heavy gun wavering between the fallen soldier and the unseen threat beyond the open doorway.

Jacquie Biggar
Maggie’s Revenge (work in progress)




Enter the Sisterhood of Suspense’s Rafflecopter #Giveaway for your chance at some page-turning reads!

More Than I Wished For by Marian Lanouette

Unexpected Holiday Bonus by Marian Lanouette

Spirits of the Heart by Claire Gem

Partners: Odyssey of the Phoenix by McKenna Sinclair

Second Act by Marsha R. West

A Midnight Clear by Jeannie Hall

Touch Me by Kathryn Jane

Bug Stuff and Other Stories by Vicki Batman

Too Many Women in the Room by Joanne Guidoccio

Snowed by Veronica Forand

Hold ‘Em in audiobook format by Jacquie Biggar

$10 G/C by S.A. Taylor

Photographic Notecards by Sharon Wray









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  1. Lots of tension! Good job, ladies 🙂


  2. vicki says:

    good stuff, Ladies!


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