Sneak Off and Read: Lines about SEX #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about SEX for a spicy start to the week.

“I’ll grab some clothes and we’ll go to your apartment.” Taking Rafe’s hand, Juliet shot him a sexy smile. “Your shower holds two.”

Sharon Wray

My friends and I called a dating dry spell nundom. Nundom meant: No dates. No sex. No fun. No nothin’.

Vicki Batman

“What will we do?” cried one of the women, a young teen, not yet old enough to drink or drive, much less be sold for some pervert’s sexual depravities.

Jacquie Biggar

When a man and woman decide to wed, a ceremony is scheduled, the couple marries, they have a celebration then they have sex. Simple.

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair

Impossibly long legs and dark brown hair fluffed up like an advertisement for some perfume that promised the most erotic sex of a man’s life, she was a distraction and a drag on service resources.

Veronica Forand
(work in progress)

He had bedded four, but right now he couldn’t imagine having sex with any of them.

Joanne Guidoccio

“We have eight children. Even if they were dense, which they’re not, they’d have guessed by now that we have sex.”

Kathryn Jane

He loved the red dress and was glad for the unusually high temperature today when she removed the jacket.

Marian Lanouette

She backed away to see his face. “You see. . . I’ve got this problem. There’s a very stubborn, very pushy, but very sexy guy from the past who’s put some kind of spell on me.”

A Twisted Fate (work in progress)

His lips when he spoke tantalized her; his hands on her arms were warm and inviting. Oh, to let go and revel in some mind-blowing sex.

Marsha West













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  1. Wow, some great lines today! Nice to see so many ‘sisters’ participating 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Jacquie Biggar- USA Today Best-selling author and commented:

    Want to warm up your Sunday? Check out the Sisterhood of Suspense’s lines on sex. Yep, you heard me right! 🙂 #amreading #Romance


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