Where Are You Vacationing This Year?

As a kid, my family went on vacations. I remember swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and picking up sea shells, especially sand dollars. One year, we drove to Louisiana and dropped off my grandmother at her brother’s for a visit. We continued on to Alabama where we visited the USS Alabama, a WW2 battleship my dad served on. We moved on the Pensacola and played in the white sand.

Another year, we packed for two weeks and drove to California, stopping in New Mexico and Fresno, California so Dad could visit relatives. We went to the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest, saw the cousin’s vineyard, took a trip to Disneyland!, and drove up Highway One to San Francisco.grand canyon

Handsome and  have taken the boys to visit family, and on cruises to Hawaii, Alaska with a stop in Vancouver, Sea World in San Antonio, and not long ago, a Rhine River cruise. Frequently, we visit Colorado.

asteriks 2

Since I’ve begun writing, when I travel, I journal about where I am, what I did, and how I felt. All of this makes good material for my writing. For example, when Handsome and I went to the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for our anniversary, I spied an event sign and my brain when hello???!!! That inspiration and something someone said ignited, propelled me to write Man Theory. Here’s a fun excerpt.

For work, we’d traveled to Colorado Springs to attend a workshop on web design innovations. After check-in, I’d joined him at the bridge crossing  lake to decide about lunch before the meetings commenced.

My six-one geek wearing rimless glasses, leaned against the railing, and stared into the sparkling blue waters of the high mountain lake. The feathered fowl paddled by.

Have his feelings changed? I asked in disbelief, “R-really? A theory…about love?”


Can you spot in the excerpt what I saw one day?asteriks 2
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  1. I don’t do much vacationing any more but the Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places and part of Book 1 takes place there. In July there will be the RWA conference (in my backyard) followed by a training mission in Atlanta. That’s it for me, LOL. My favorite vacation was going to Scotland with my cousin (and that’s where my current story is located). Inspiration is good (and sometimes tax deductible).

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  2. Vicki says:

    I so want to go to Scotland. Our biggie trip comes next year when we cruise the Adriatic Sea. I can’t wait because I love cruises-unpack once, good food, people take you to lovely places…

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  3. Growing up, we traveled across Canada and I loved it. Amazing how much the earth changes within a few hundred miles!
    Great post, Vicki!

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    1. Vicki says:

      Thanks, Jacquie! I did say Vancouver, but I didn’t say we took the train for two days to Banff and it was glorious!

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  4. Great post, Vicki. I didn’t vacation as a kid. My father was in the Air Force and any traveling we did was because he was transferred. We’ve been fortunate to take our kids on trips and now our kids and their kids. Several of our trips have ended up in my books. I like have a solid location to work from.


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