Ahhh! Technology!

I’ve written about Technology here before. Those of you who follow me on my blog have read lots of stories about my misadventures. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with the big T.

Last Friday, I was getting my new Surface ready to go to the Saturday NTRWA meeting where were going to have a giant writing fest. Lots of folks were away at RWA, so this was a good plan. So, I charge up the Surface, which I’ve only had a month or two. It’s so light and fits into my purse. Love this about this device.IMG_7185

I opened Word, so I could save my book document and the character list to the Surface which I’d emailed to myself.  I got a message that Word was about to expire and if I didn’t do anything, I could lose my work! Not words a writer wants to read. Ultimately, I didn’t go to the meeting. ☹

Sunday afternoon, I took the Surface to Best Buy and explained what the deal was. (I do love the Geek Squad. They are all so very nice, and never make me feel like an idiot. 😊 ) The kid asked if I had other computers at home and did I have that message on them. I knew I didn’t on the big computer and told him I’d check the laptop when I got home. So, I checked, and the Laptop is okay. If my husband can find the documentation for the program (I think that’s not the right word.), I can just update it on the Surface. If not, I’ll take it and let the brilliant Geek Squad guy/gal unload and reload it on the Surface. (Should I use the “the” in front of Surface? It sounds a bit odd either way.) 😊

So Sunday, after church Bob and I ate Mexican food for lunch.taco-2610649_640 (Free from Pixabay RobinsWorld)

(Just because it’s 109 outside is not a reason to skip Mexican food.) I responded to a friend’s text and then ten minutes later I was going to text the family. (There is a whole other issue about whether I should’ve been doing anything on the cell phone while I was at a restaurant with my husband!) I picked up the phone and a black screen stared back at me. Nothing changed when I punched the bottom button. I punched the on/off switch. NOTHING!

IMG_4730 (It does have a cracked face, because I’ve dropped the phone too many times!)

I don’t know about you, but pretty much my whole life is on my phone. Well, not my books, or reports I’m working on for the church move, but everything else. I know my cell number, which would do me no good, since the phone wasn’t working, and I know my daughter’s cell number, which she’s had since she was 16. She’s in her very early 40s now. Other than that, I know nothing.

I asked Bob who was on his way to work (long story) to text the family so they knew I was out of the loop.

Driving to the store with no phone was like driving naked. I mean, what if I had a car wreck? What if I ran out of gas? (I had a half a tank, but still….) What if I went too fast, and a police officer pulled me over? Being naked is scary.

You know how at technology stores they have greeters who open the door for you and ask what the problem is? Well, this nice young, emphasis on the young part, woman looked at my phone and did two things, and the little apple with the bite out of it popped onto the screen. Now I don’t know what caused the problem in the first place, but the next time this happens, I know what to do to try to fix it myself.

Push the bottom button and the side on/off button at the same time. Somehow that resets the whole deal. So for little time and no money, my cell and I were back in business. I am a happy camper.

Do you have those heart clutching experiences with your technology? Or are you a ninja warrior where technology is concerned? Love to hear from you.

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Vermont Escape 300dpi (1)

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  1. Hi Marsha, Entertaining post! Whenever I have issues with my technology, I touch base with the people at Staples or call a Computer Doctor. I also enlist aid of any young’uns, who happen to be visiting. During my teaching days, I was blessed to have at least one techie in each of my classes (usually a male) who would step up whenever I needed help. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Joanne. Yes, when I taught, I always had one or two of those geniuses. Some folks are just gifted that way. Some of us struggle. I’m a struggler. Thanks for stopping by.:)


  2. Sounds like me, Marsha. When it comes to technology, I’m truly a blonde. Enjoy your day and I hope they run smooth from here on out.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Marian. LOL at the blonde joke. Thank goodness for those who step in and help when we need them to. Sometimes one of my daughters (the other is clueless like me), a SIL, my FB friends who are good to jump in. When all else fails we use the IT guy at my husband’s office or I go to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Kathryn Jane says:

    LOL I hear your pain! But I’m so tech challenged my life isn’t in my phone because that would surely give me heart palpitations! 🙂 I have a little book with everything I need in it instead, and when I can’t put my hands on that little book, I do get a bit panicky!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Kathryn. I’m so surprised. Just figured you for a techie. I had to give up my notebooks and calendars with writing in them. I can’t read my scribble. I still scribble sometimes, but if I don’t look at it fast, it’s lost. I’m much faster on the computer or even the phone. I like to think I’m saving a few trees. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  4. Vicki says:

    omg, two weeks worth. The drive on my dell crashed. Got a new one with new Microsoft. Loaded and crashed. Called Microsoft too many times and got help, but they wouldn’t call back to see if I survived. Finally, an administrator showed and I was able to change to me opening the computer with a new password. I STILL don’t trust it. I’ve had to reload Office and other programs three times and now, my printer which is at my elbow won’t add. Again. OTH, RWA was very good.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      My stars and garters, Vicki!!! How did you not lose your mind?! Just WOW. Glad you enjoyed RWA. 🙂 Good luck and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  5. For me, it’s always backing up my school documents every year. I usually procrastinate; and then in the fall I can’t find them again. Hopefully this year will be better since I’m in the same school district! Entertaining post, lady!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Rebecca. Gosh when I think back to my computer skills when I was a teacher or an administrator–well, it was pitiful. It wasn’t until I got into writing, that I really got the hang (so to speak) of it all. Terrifying to lose all the school records. Glad you’re in the same place this year. Enjoy your last couple of weeks before the start of the new year. And thanks very much for what you do. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  6. I am definitely not good with technology. I depend on my husband almost totally. If he wasn’t around, my sons would probably block my phone number…lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Susan. LOL That is so funny about your sons. Like many gifts, we are all blessed with some, but not everything. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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