Sneak Off and Read: Lines all about ASK #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines all about ASK

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Once I dragged Ben inside the store, I asked the cashier to page the manager. My grip tightened on Ben’s shirt collar as he tried to bolt for the far-blue-yonder.

Vicki Batman

Her cold fingers brushed his aside for a better look. “What happened?” she asked, her breath sending prickles down his back.

Jacquie Biggar

I’m going to ask you something. I saw those scratches on your back yesterday morning. You and I both know they didn’t come from brush in the canyon.

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair

Kate could tell after several months of his repeated attempts to ask her out that Daniel cared less about keeping his job with Bardach & Associates and more about getting her naked.

Claire Gem

Before I could ask more questions about Dougie, the door opened, and Jake entered, followed by what I could only describe as a handsome Silver Fox.

Joanne Guidoccio

Broughton wanted to ask James to rethink the assignment, but nothing short of a gun to his head would get him to do that. Chain of command.

Kathryn Jane

“Do you have access to all the accounts in the bank?” Edwina asked, twirling a clump of his chest hair around her finger as she snuggled closer to him.

Marian Lanouette

This part of his job was never easy, but crucial time had elapsed, time without an arrest. Now he had to ask the tough questions.

S.A. Taylor
Shutter (work-in-progress)

“You hide the gun in your mother’s house. When someone comes asking about it, you pull it out for all to see.”

Marsha West

“Before I forget, here it is.” Zack handed Nate a Post-it note and went back to mainlining caffeine. “The weapons inventory you asked for.”

Sharon Wray
















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    The Sisterhood of Suspense​ share lines with the theme, ASK, this Easter Sunday. Happy Easter!


  2. Wolw! What great lines, ladies. 🙂 I’m sharing.


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