Sneak Off and Read: Lines all about ATTORNEY #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines all about ATTORNEY

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While she’d been at an attorney’s behest nearly all her adult life, she’d never felt like a collection agent before. Or worse, a loan shark.

Jeannie Hall
Old Friends, New Lovers (work in progress)

But once Tanner’s affairs were finalized, and his attorney signed off on everything, Kate would have to make changes, drastic changes.

Kathryn Jane

“You’ll have a seat and place those papers back on the desk. And together we’ll wait for your attorney.”

Marian Lanouette

“You do realize I’ve been practicing for over fifteen years, right?”

He didn’t respond. It didn’t matter. She always had to work harder to convince him she was a competent, capable attorney.

A Twisted Fate (work in progress)

“Gary will have my head if I don’t talk with him first. So, will my attorney. Let me mull over these numbers for a week or so at least.”

Marsha West

Nate opened the worn paperback and studied the truly awful topographic drawing only a lawyer could make.

Sharon Wray

“Daniel called. There’s been some trouble at Yahoo.” No! Not the restaurant.

Vicki Batman

What was her normal going to be now that her husband was dead and her assets frozen? It was unlikely the lawyers would look favorably upon the dislodged wife of a former hustler.

Jacquie Biggar

Over the next half-hour, Bitsy explained the original plantation house, owned by a wealthy attorney from Birmingham, was destroyed during Wilson’s Raid during the final months of the Civil War.

Claire Gem

“There is no need for any attorney or any meeting with you.” I said, lifting my chin defiantly. “I don’t know what cozy little arrangement you have with the police department, but I will not be giving you any information.”

Joanne Guidoccio















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