Physical Distancing & Social Connection

This is a term I heard Rabbi Rottenberg use in a CNBC report recently. His synagogue in Rockland County, NY experienced a mass shooting over a year ago. The reporters were checking back with the Rabbi to see how his congregation was managing in the current crisis.

aTqby68TMHe made the point, that while they were apart, they were still a community. He said we shouldn’t be social distancing ourselves, while we physically distance ourselves. Now more than ever, we need to be making social connections. This distinction really struck me.

We certainly need to stay more at than arms-length from others. (Six feet is probably two-arms-length.) But now more than ever we need to connect with each other, support each other, and take care of ourselves.

Taking care of ourselves starts first. It’s just like with the airplane safety instructions about what to do when the face masks drop. Parents are supposed to fix their own mask first, then take care of kids. This applies to us now.

Sunset Sunset a couple of weeks ago makes me breathe deeply.

Here are some suggestions from my Noom App for taking care of ourselves. You’ll recognize these ideas. They’re not new, but so much more important now than before:

  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Exercise-outside if you can
  3. Eat healthy meals
  4. Practice meditation/deep breathing
  5. Hug yourself (we’re missing a lot of physical touch right now)
  6. Reach out on social media (Our church services are now on Zoom & Facebook. My writing chapter’s meeting Saturday was on Zoom. So good to see faces of friends.)
  7. Read/watch positive, uplifting affirmations, books & movies. (Joanne Guidoccio shared good quotes in last week’s SOS blog.)

That gets to what we on the SOS blog write. No matter how suspenseful or what bad stuff happens in our books, they have a Happily Ever After ending or at least a Happy for Now ending. People desperately need that now–hope we will get through all of this. And we will, even if life is substantially different afterwards. Our characters showing courage will inspire our readers to show courage. So, keep writing and reading.

What have you been doing to help get you through these troubling times?

I think I’d also add to the list above: Order take out from your local restaurants. 😊 Be safe out there.

ACT OF TRUST is Book 2 in the Second Chances Series. The heroine is a widow who lost her husband on 9/11. I’ve heard people liken our current situation to this event. And yes, with all my books, you get a Happily Ever After.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing, Marsha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Joanne. Loved your positive thoughts last week. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Kathryn Jane says:

    Another great way to maintain social connection is to join online groups of people helping each other. Even if you don’t think you need help, or don’t think you can offer help, it is good to witness the helping and you might be surprised at how helping will fill your soul, even if it is just a kind word, or a suggestion of how someone could connect with who/what they need at the moment.
    We all have knowledge we don’t even think about, and someone out there just might be able to use a tidbit we have.
    I’ve also started a FB group that is just for the sharing of Good news and Positive thoughts, and it has become a safe place people can go to avoid the bad news that is bombarding us. We need to know the bad stuff, but we need breaks or it will be overwhelming.
    The other thing I’ve done to help is dropped the price on all my books so people who are worried about funds right now can still have access to them 😀

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    1. Marsha R. West says:

      Hey, Kathryn. I should have listed your FB group. It’s a good place to be uplifted. Appreciate you setting it up. And you’re so right, watching too much of the NEWS will negatively impact us psychologically. We need a balance between knowing the facts and being shoved down the rabbit hole of doom & gloom.
      I have a group of church friends, and we text each other all at one time. It’s really helpful. I always appreciate your positive uplifting posts. Stay well. 🙂


  3. Good morning, Marsha! I’ve been walking a lot. My 7am Jazzercisers has a FB page and we are keeping up with each other. I am learning some needlepoint via a Zoom class. I did yoga via Zoom last night. So I’m keeping in touch.


  4. Hey ,Vick. ow sounds like you’re really keeping active. Good for you. exercise is a super way to deal with stress which we’re all under. And yea! we finally have a week of sun after weeks & weeks of gloom & rain. Zoom is amazingly helpful for keeping connected. thanks for stopping by, 🙂


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