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We’re all torn up about what’s going on in the US and the world right now. With the pandemic and what it’s meant in loss of life and jobs and general stress. With the rampant racial hatred and discrimination, we’ve seen exhibited. Truly mind blowing in the year of 2020 that people still discriminate against others based on the color of their skin. Shame on us. I pray these recent deaths will spur us to real action.

Writing and marketing continue, though it’s difficult. But people need an escape, so we keep writing and marketing.

Act of Trust 200x300

Instead of an in person book event, I recently participated in a Virtual Book Tour. I’m sharing the link below and hope you’ll stop by for a bit of a visit. The sound and video are a bit messed up at the beginning. If you can stick with it or fast forward, it clears up. Most of the video is a reading from ACT OF TRUST, Book 2 in The Second Chances Series.

After hearing back from five Beta Readers, I’m busily editing and rewriting TAINTED which will be my eighth published book. Comments by the Beta Readers were super helpful. Hoping for a mid-fall release. No cover yet, but my wonderful cover artist is working on it. The book is set in Red River, NM, a beautiful location.

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Our virus numbers in Texas continue to rise while the Governor proclaims it isn’t a problem because we have so many hospital beds. I seems to me that is a problem for the folks getting sick and especially those dying. The mayor of Fort Worth refuses to mandate masks, trusting to people’s good will. I wish I saw more people of good will when I shop in my local Albertsons. ☹


Please, please wear a mask if you go out and social distance. Be safe. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Jackie T says:

    Hi. Glad you’re keeping safe. Here in Montreal we’re doing our best. Hubby and I aren’t ready to go back to our regular routine. We go for walks when weather allows and try to find projects to keep us busy. See our grandkids by driving by. Take care. JackieT

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    1. Hey, Jackie. Weather certainly plays an important role in all of this. Today is rainy. I went to Target early to try to get some steps. Few people and most were masked. Normally, we’re dealing with the high temps which also makes getting out and getting those steps in difficult. I’ve sometimes resorted to walking in the house. Let me tell, you, that get’s old pretty fast. LOL
      We’re able to see the grands in our back yard. Living on a lake is a big draw for them to come see us. We’ll get through this, but think it may be a long time. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  2. Hi, Marsha! I am venturing out more. Hairdresser, cleaners, pharmacy, hardware and grocery stores. Places I feel comfortable going to. I mask up for everywhere else. I went to a wedding and only one couple wore masks. A little nervous about that.

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    1. Hey, Vicki. Wow a wedding! Yeah, that was probably risky, especially if most folks didn’t wear masks. I’m already looking forward to getting back to my stylist again, sometime in mid-July. Spoiled, I know. I went to Target this morning early–8:30 and it wasn’t bad at all, There were a couple of unmasked people, but I was able to avoid them and the few folks who were there, wore masks. Texas spiked to 5000 new cases today. Abbot has stopped just short of saying you must wear the mask. Guess we’ll see what happens if the numbers keep going up. Glad you’re being safe. Hope the wedding cake was good. I love wedding cake. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Kathryn Jane says:

    Love that you’re staying safe and your mask is in your signature color!
    Here in Vancouver area of Canada’s west coast we’ve been very lucky to have low numbers, but that seems to make people a bit complacent. I mostly stick close to home but today went into a big box automotive/hardware store and was saddened to see so few masks, and none on staff members.

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    1. Hey, Kathy. Yes, Of course, my mask is turquoise. LOL
      it’s a bit disconcerting to go some place and be the odd one out wearing the mask. I did a curbside pick up at our Big Box hardware store. That worked really well. The staff person was masked and gloved.
      I had interesting responses to a FB post about wearing masks. Apparently there are folks who either psychological or physically can’t wear them. Sad. Glad you’re doing okay. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  4. Congrats on the virtual book reading!
    We just received a package of stylish masks today. Not sure I look forward to wearing them, but safety first!

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    1. Hey, Jacquie. Yes, safety first but nice to be styling, too. LOL Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  5. Great book reading! You certainly have the “acting” chops.

    Good to hear that you are staying safe and healthy. In Guelph (Ontario), masks are mandatory in all stores and other establishments. I think we’re one of the few counties that has implemented that policy. So far, it’s working. I have found the disposable masks much more comfortable than the stylish ones. Guess I’ll be stocking up! 🙂

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    1. Hey, Joanne. You’re lucky to live someplace that takes such pro-active steps. Masks and social distancing and handwashing seem to be no-brainers, but apparently not for everyone. Glad to hear you’re doing okay. The comfort definitely varies depending on how the mask is made. I like the ones that bloom out a bit rather than the ones that are just straight across. And I prefer the ones that hook over the ear, not as hard on the hair. I know crazy vain. LOL Thanks for you kind words about the reading. I do love to do them. And thanks for taking time to watcha bit of the video. Thanks for stopping by.:)


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