Stop wishing your life away.

Our lives have become a constant loop of how much we want our normal back, how desperate we are to have “this insanity” behind us so we can get back to the way things were.

We don’t want to ever look back at the horrors of 2020. Right?

People are tired of COVID’s effect on their health and livelihood, frustrated by politics, appalled by the behavior of those they know and those they don’t, aghast to recognize their own internal biases, and afraid of everything from violent protests to the sneeze of a passerby.

This year might seem to be filled with loss and hardship, disappointment, disillusionment, and bone-chilling fear, but it is also perhaps the most important year of our lives.

Every second is contributing to our growth, our being, our understanding of life, of ourselves, of others.

So be brave.

Sit down and take a bit of time to think about where you are, what you are doing with your minutes on this planet, and how you can embrace your experience.

Nope, it won’t make the pandemic go away, and no, it will not bring anyone back to life, but it will give you a better perspective because these troubled times—in my humble opinion—are here for a greater purpose.

Yes, our roads and destinations may be vastly different, but we can all learn, and appreciate something about our journey.

So please don’t get stuck on wanting 2020 over with.

Instead, take a peek at the path behind you and find moments to be thankful for.

Then go forward with eyes and heart wide open.

Live your life as though you mean it, stay open to the possibilities, opportunities, and love all around you.

Be hopeful.

Be brave.

And stop wishing your life away.

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  1. The saying goes “this too shall pass;” we just have to get thru the hard stuff first. Each day should be lived as best we can until “this” passes.

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  2. Hey, Kathryn. What beautiful words. How much we all need to develop the attitude you describe. Thanks so much for this. I’ve shared. 🙂

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  3. Pat Amsden says:

    It’s true we can’t wish our lives away but when I wake up and smell smoke from fires in BC and Alberta as well as huge fires in California, Colorado, Washington and Oregon I’m going to stop for a minute and wish no one was going through this.

    For myself I can close my windows and turn on my air purifier but I suspect emergencies and urgent cares may be getting a few patients with breathing problems when the air is this bad. I’m going to hope and pray for rain for everyone living in fire areas and hope fire fighters stay safe as they battle these fires.

    Ironically my inbox has dire warnings from some politician (conservative based) warning us we’ve spent TOO MUCH MONEY and Trudea is insane to spend more to build a greener future and another asking me to support the liberals, (Trudeau). If ever there was a time to consider the environoment while rebuilding our economy during this new normal though I’d say this is it.

    We are certainly living in interesting times

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  4. Reblogged this on Jacquie Biggar-USA Today Best-selling author and commented:

    A beautiful post on being grateful from Kathryn Jane​- a must-read ❤

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  5. My younger brother said it best, “I know I’ve lost a lot of work, sis, and times are rough, but I’m grateful to have had this time home with my kids. Usually, I come home from work tired and hungry with no energy for a rambunctious two-year-old. Thanks to Covid, and the generosity of our government, I spent the summer learning how smart and fun my kids are. I count that a blessing.”
    He’s a smart guy, himself ❤

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  6. Jodie Esch says:

    Certainly a reflective post and a reminder to live for today and count our blessings.

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  7. Carolyn Rae says:

    Great thought for the day

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  8. carolynrae says:

    Great thought for the day.

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  9. Beautifully said! Thanks for sharing, Kathryn 🙂

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  10. Sharon Wray says:

    Lovely post that reminds us what’s important! Thank you!

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  11. True, we must hope for the best and live in the present. Take care. Nice post.


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