The Countdown Begins!

Good morning! As I composed this blog, it is the middle of October. But only SEVENTY days until Christmas-a favorite day of mine. I love decorating, baking, wrap-a-thon, and gift-giving. Today, I want to talk about another favorite of mine–Christmas trees.

When I grew up, my mom and dad bought some kind of fir. At home, Dad spray flocked it. He had a vacuum cleaner that blew out air and some magic potion for making the tree look like snow fell on it. Once the flocking dried, they put the tree in the living room front window. One year, Mom went red-bows and ornaments. We tested the lights to make sure all of them worked before laying them on the branches.

As a single girl, my roommate and I visited a Christmas tree farm and sawed down a Virginia pine. Handsome and I carried on this tradition with #1 and #2sons until the drought, and many farms went under. And the boys decided they didn’t want to go anymore. I miss the hotdogs roasted over a fire, smores, and the hayrides through the fields.

Over the last few years, Handsome and I went to a family-run Christmas tree stand. We bought the gorgeous Fraser firs. The incredible scent filled the house. However, over the last two years, we noticed the trees dried extremely fast despite our watering and keeping the room cool.

This year, I’m trying something new—ordering a tree online. Has anyone done this before? I order straight from the Christmas tree farm, and the tree is shipped to me within two days. My hope is the tree stays fresher longer. The price was a sticker shocker. But in truth, the same as the Mom and Pop stand.

I’m sure some of you are asking why not buy an artificial one? Handsome and I discussed this and aren’t ready to go there. (And I’d have to find a place to store it!!!) He said to try online once and see what we think.

And yes, I’ve written about my love for Christmas trees in “Twinkle Lights,” a story in Sommerville holidays too:

Twinkle Lights: When the owner of a Christmas tree stand has a heart attack, a do-gooder and a reformed high school delinquent-turned-lawyer meet the challenges of running the establishment; yet, when revenue goes missing, fingers are pointed.

The Great Fruitcake Bake-off: When a five-time baking champion teams up with her new neighbor for The Great Fruitcake Bake-off, they discover baking a prize-winning entry is complicated, bad guys are plotting to take the crown, and first prize isn’t just about a ribbon.

Christmas Romeo: When two feuding co-workers win Christmas river cruises at the company holiday party, they discover each other isn’t so bad after all.

Find the fun at: Amazon & KU

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. Can’t wait to read it!!
    Christmas brings back some great memories!


    Liked by 2 people

  2. Vicki Batman says:

    Thanks for stopping, Liese! I have a fun one in this collection, “Christmas Romeo.”


  3. Hey, Vicki. What a fun post. It brought back memories of Christmas tree shopping by with family. I think only twice did we chop down a tree, but I’d insist we go to 12 lots (according to my Hubby) before finding the “perfect” tree sometimes back at the first lot. Alas allergies hit the family hard and we switched to fake trees. We had a number of years with two trees the fancy one in the font window and the family one in the den. Our daughters had several years of having their own tree in their bedrooms. One daughter now continues that with her daughter. Now, we’ve downsized to a smaller table size tree. Such is life. You start off little and add stuff until the time you start downsizing stuff and space. Thanks for bringing back fond memories. I’ve shared.

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  4. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Marsha! I love how you had two trees and trees in the bedrooms. Technically, I do have a few others, although they could be classified as more ornamental. I have tabletop wire ones which hold vintage ornaments. This year, I bought a felt one with stick on felt ornaments for my granddaughter. Fun stuff!


  5. Pat Amsden says:

    Hi Vicki

    I’ve always loved Christmas and Christmas trees. When I was really young we’d cut down a tree on our ranch. According to dad we had to check out every tree there was and then circle back to one of the first. It then became the centre piece of the house. Smelling of pine we’d decorate with store bought tinsel and decorations carefully saved. And of course our newly made treasures.

    With my own family we’ve gone with store bought trees because of restrictions on live ones. I have a Christmas essential oil scent I spritz it with and for years My son and I would go out and pick one special ornament, then have hot chocolate and a treat at a local cafe/bakery.

    Now, I’m on my own so I’m going with a mini tree and since my son has just bought his first place I suspect the Christmas ornaments we brought over the years will be going to his new place.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Pat! I’m in awe that you could go on your own land and find your tree. I know my hubby sympathizes with looking at every one and picking the first. LOL. I Love love love how you pass on the ornaments. I’ve been buying some for my kiddoes for about fifteen years. They are so pretty. I tend to buy boxes of vintage glass ones. And yes, I do needlepoint a few too.

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  7. One of the best things about Christmas is going in search of the perfect tree. We haven’t done that in years, might need to restart the tradition!

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  8. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Jacquie! I really missed going to the tree farm. When someone recommended the family stand not far from our house, I thought I’d entered tree heaven. But they didn’t last. So is the tree about the search or fragrance? For me, fragrance. But I do like the hilarious search.


  9. Love the vintage picture! Lida

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vicki Batman says:

      This is hilarious! I’m vintage. LOLOL Thanks so much for stopping, Lida! Have a great weekend.


      1. LOL. I actually meant the vintage pic of the piano and Christmas tree. Guess I should have been more specific. Lesson learned, I hope. Lida

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Vicki Batman says:

    Ha! I knew you meant the tree. And we always called the piano, the green piano. Mom paid $50 for it because of the antiqued color. It was so heavy, it affected the foundation.


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