Facebook GIVEAWAY Today

Today, I’m taking part in a Facebook Party (Facebook has nothing to do with the GIVEAWAY.) celebrating the release of Abbie Roads latest book CAPTURING FATE. Abbie has an unusual way of hyping her book. She asks other authors to participate in a giant Giveaway. In doing that, we get to talk about one of our books. It’s definitely a win-win. I’ll be sharing some of my wonderful pictures of New England and Maine in particular. I hope you’ll stop by and share pics of your favorite places and/or comment.

To participate you have to sign up for the Dangerously Dark Darlings Facebook group. Here’s the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/DangerouslyDarkDarlings

At the party, I’m giving away:

1 signed copy of SECOND ACT

1 $10 Starbucks GC

And 1 e-copy of TAINTED.

Now there are over 100 authors, so you should definitely stop by and play along. FREE is always good, right? 😊

With the beginning of the new year, have you found time to clean out? I periodically attack the piles, which unfortunately always come back. But it gives me a really good feeling to throw out or give away. My mother always said: “Get rid of the old to make room for the new.” Sometimes, I’m not getting new stuff, just getting more breathing space.

How about you? Do you cling to the old stuff? Or are you able to clear it out? Do you have a process to do that? Love to hear from you and do hope you’ll stop by the FACEBOOK party.

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  1. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Marsha! I’ve shared your post and giveaway. As for cleaning out stuff, I had to do last year in the kitchen. The drawers were unmentionable and got a good scrubbing. And there was stuff…lordy. And have tackled a few boxes in my office’s closet. Threw out pillows. Sigh. I had needlepointed them from a kit, but the yarn was awful and pilled.

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    1. Hey, vicki. I saw the share. Thanks. It’s amazing the stuff I find when I go through boxes. We’ve been here going on 6 years, but you know I broke my ankle right after we moved in and the kids had to put stuff away and I just never got to everything away. I still had boxes of my mom’s stuff I’d never gone through. I’ve consolidated two two small boxes of her things. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  2. Kathryn Jane says:

    Since 2010, I’ve downsized twice. First going from about a 2000 sq ft house plus garage storage, to 1000 plus garage, then down to a mere 675 sq ft condo with a storage locker that is 4x4x8…… so purging things I no longer need has become a way of life.
    That, however, has left me frequently wishing I hadn’t rid myself of one thing or another I would currently find handy. But oddly enough, it hasn’t slowed me down on the constant wishing I had less.
    Cleaning out a closet or drawer gives me a wonderful feeling of being in control, and serves to calm my soul. 😀 ❤

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    1. Hey, Kathryn, I agree. Cleaning out makes me feel virtuous even. LOL Thanks for stopping by.


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