Once in a Lifetime?

Often when unusual life events happen, people say it is “once in a lifetime.” If the event was horrible, we vow to remember and take precautions.

I’ve gone without heat before and without power for four days when temps reached 100. But nothing like what happened recently in Texas-a horrid freeze blanketed the whole state. The temperature at my house dropped to -2. That’s right, -2. For many across the state, power outages raged, resulting in no heat. Water froze or was cut off. Pipes burst.

My home was lucky. I had heat and water, but a cold water line did freeze and burst. The line was insulated, but obviously, not enough for -2. Our handyman and Handsome found the break and tackled the issue. Right now, the cold line has been double wrapped, and better insulation has been installed. More construction work has to be done because now is the time for preventive measures—right? We pray we will never have this “once in a lifetime” event again.

For my family, we had a bright side. Relatives and #2son had no water or electricity. Temps dropped in their apartments and became unbearable. They braved the icy roads to my house. We cooked together, watched movies, and had long visits over the dining table. I taught mahjong to two of them. The young’uns worked and took hot showers. After several days, their homes recovered, and they left.

It is interesting when unusual things happen, we tend to focus on our misery, not a journey, often time forgetting the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey isn’t always easy. Nobody said it would be. However, on that trip, we learn things and grow. Perhaps, we grow in resilience, fortitude, spirit, and determination. One second, one minute, one hour, one day, and eventually, we’ve made it through to the other end.

Thank you to all who emailed, texted, and phoned to check on us. I know we were fortunate and hope all is better for every person who is on a journey.

We’re still cuddling as spring tries to come. I love to read and am happy to share my newest romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily out of Luck.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey, Vicki. I love your uplifting post. You are so correct. When we’re caught in the throes of whatever, we tend to get tunnel vision. We forget we’ve been through bad stuff before and survived. We do have resilience. We did a reverse of your family. We bailed on our home after more than 10 hours without power and went to a daughter who was blessed to have power and water the whole time. And yes, we did have fun times with the grands who we’ve seen seldom because they’re out and about more than we’re comfortable with. Thankfully, none of us gave the other any kind of illness. I shared your post. 🙂

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  2. I sincerely hope the electric company is taken to task for NOT being prepared for this storm! I’m glad you came through all right, and congrats on your new release!

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    1. Vicki Batman says:

      Thanks, Jacquie. Lots of finger pointing. Lots of government officials letting us down. I just don’t know. So, Handsome and I will take care of ourselves. Probably the next step is a generator. 🙂

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  3. petespringerauthor says:

    Great points! We tend to focus on our own perils, but resiliency is a great life skill to have. A great reminder is to realize that others have it far worse. (e.g., dying, lack of food or clothing, and living on the street.)

    I’m a California boy now, but I’ll never forget the awful experience of being without power for over a week in North Dakota when I was a kid. It was below zero every day for eight days, and the house was an icebox with only a fireplace to provide any heat.

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  4. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Pete! I appreciate you sharing your North Dakota story. I would have been frozen. I am more acclimated to heat than the cold. Others do have it worse and we sometimes focus on ourselves and not them. Thanks, vb

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