Enjoy the View

Yep, you caught me! I’m a peeper.  Recently, we downsized from our home of twenty-plus years to a home with a view. I love living on the lake. I love the water. I love watching the boats speed by, and I love the beautiful sunsets.  But most of all, I love watching the creatures that surround my new home. We have tons of sparrows that give my dogs grief when they get within twenty feet of a tree. And we have a family of armadillos who creep around at night but have been surprisingly faster than I can grab my phone to shoot a pic. 

My favorite visitors are two hawks that live in the big tree next door. They eat all those mice that I hate, keep the squirrel population within bearable limits, and don’t mind when I peep at them through my binoculars.

Occasionally, we have cardinals and blue jays swoop down and sit on the fence, serenading me as I drink my morning cuppa.

I haven’t seen any raccoons yet. But I know they’re out there. I can feel eyes watching me back as I scan the landscape.

So don’t worry, neighbors. I’m not looking at you through my very large, super strength lenses. I’m not envious of that slim girl in the yellow bikini on the speedboat or checking out the seating arrangements on the triune we hope to buy one day. Or laughing at the acrobatic tumbles performed by the multitude of water skiers, boarders, and tubers that pass by.

I’m merely admiring and appreciating life.  Enjoy the view.

Take a trip to the past

“A lighthearted and laugh out loud historical fantasy and romance. Janet Leigh never loses sight of one thing: making the readers laugh to keep them engaged. Let the author sweep you away through time . More importantly, let her help you forget the seriousness of life for a few blissful hours.”  —Self-Publishing Review


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  1. Hey, Janet. Love this pic and to learn you’re a lake person, too. You have way more land than we do, being only 15 feet from our retaining wall. And yes, the amazing creatures we get to see. Blessed to live on a lake. Thanks for posting. I’ve shared. 🙂


  2. Vicki Batman says:

    How much fun! Peeping at the “wildlife.” I’m sure it is nice and quiet and am totally envious.


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