Moms are Special

“I’m doomed,” I remember clearly saying these words to my mother as she slathered tons of sunscreen on my freckled skin. I’m an outdoorsy gal, but my skin is not. After I proclaimed my life was over because I couldn’t go outside without receiving a sunscreen bath or, at the very least, forced to wear a hat and long sleeves in the Texas summer, my mother explained I was kissed by angels. She told me my freckles were special and I should protect them.

After that, I wore sunscreen. How wise was my mother to make me feel special instead of complaining about the sunscreen ritual, timing my outdoor activities to avoid the harsh peak sun times, or identifying me as the freak child that got the red-headed, pale skin recessive gene lurking in our family gene pool?

When I began writing my time travel series, I thought long and hard about the traits I desired for my protagonist’s mother. I mean, moms are amazing, right? Who else would pick dirty socks off the floor, stay up late working on your science fair project, offer a hug to soothe a broken heart, and continue to worry about you after you proclaimed your independence and left home?

It didn’t take me long to list out my favorite qualities about my mom, then I added in a little bit of quirky from my G.G., a dash of spice from my Mama Willie, the sophisticated soul from my Scottish mother-in-law and VOILÀ, Mary Cloud was born. A pickleball-playing cookbook editor from Long Island who dotes on her three children and wears her pearls to the grocery store.  

This Mother’s Day, I would like to celebrate these amazing women who helped me create a fun, fictitious mom. Please comment below with your favorite mom story and celebrate those moms in your life.

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  1. J.Q. Rose says:

    From one Janet Lee to another Janet Leigh, I can identify with your sunscreen slathering and long-sleeved shirts. I have the same skin! One thing that helps me accept this freckled skin is people always feel better about how tan they are when comparing their arms to my arms. I’m happy to make them happy, kinda. My mom was kind about the freckles too. She also suffered with sun-burned skin. Enjoyed your post. Your series sounds like a fun one.

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  2. Vicki Batman says:

    My mom passed on her creative crafting skills. I am so grateful.

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  3. Hey, Janet. What a great post. Love how your mom made you feel good about the freckles. We have two favorite family jokes about my mother (Mom-Mom). At Christmas, it was guaranteed she’d forget a gift or two which would be hauled out several weeks later. And then because of a bad experience with a tornado, she was hypervigilant about weather and would send us updates about what to expect. I now follow her tradition when I send weather updates to the family and say: “Channeling Mom-Mom.” Thanks for a sweet post. Love how you combined traits for the character in your book. I’ve done that with some of my characters, too. It’s a tribute to folks who’ve gone on. I shared. 🙂


  4. Reggi Allder says:

    Hi Janet Leigh,enjoyed your post. As a redhead, I too remember wearing clothes to cover my freckled skin that didn’t tan–just sunburned and added more freckles. Lol My mother was sweet enough to call my freckles beauty marks. 🙂


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