Bookish Questions too

I’ve been thinking about “book related” questions and have a few to ask you.

Free Books: Free Books abound right now, many produced by new-to-me authors as giveaways for contests. I admit I have discovered new authors this way and have been enticed by their storytelling craft to buy other of their books. That’s not a bad thing. I give away books, too, hoping readers will post a loverly review.

If you are a huge reader like me, perhaps, you have a bookcase dedicated to the TBR (To Be Read) pile. Authors often give away books to readers at book signing events, when a new book is released, or when someone helps with research, beta reader, etc. Sometimes, I post on Facebook I have three books to giveaway, and the first three responders will get one. Again, I hope the recipients will love the book and post a review.

Do you participate in giveaways?

E-book versus Paperback: Some people only will read a paperback because they love the smell and love holding the book in their hands. Some people make notes in their books. I never did, as I grew up admonished by librarians and other adults to take care of my books. I didn’t even write in my college textbooks. When traveling, I take books with me. This became cumbersome, especially on longer trips. Many years ago, I bought a Kindle that can be loaded with LOTS of e-books. A nice bonus is it is lighter to carry than a paperback. I have fully embraced the Kindle Paperwhite I received for Christmas a few years ago. My #1son saw the older Kindle I used and the book light I had clipped on. It wasn’t broken and worked fine, in my opinion. But having the new one became a game-changer I really like.

Are you an e-reader or paperback reader?

Post Reviews: Do you post reviews? I’m not raising my hand on this, as I barely write reviews. Sometimes, I do so for products.

I had to take my small dog to the vet and got a questionnaire emailed back regarding service. I was set to do the review because the clinic did everything to help my dog, but the review wasn’t a simple-two-question one. It was more like a survey. I dropped the review.

Book reviews are different for me as I know some of the writers. I can’t bear to hurt a writer. I adopted what others have said about only posting 4 or 5 starred reviews.

What are your thoughts about leaving reviews?

Have any questions about books and publishing for me?

Interested in a new to me author? I will do a drawing from the comments of three ecopies of Just Desserts…and other stories!

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  1. I do participate in giveaways occasionally as part of a promotion or new release. But I think it’s gotten out of hand and too many readers expect free books. A lot of time and energy goes into writing a book! I write reviews but not for every book I read. I love both paperbacks and digital formats. My Kindle is just so handy for reading by the pool or beach and stores a lot more books than I want to carry around! Happy reading to all!

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    1. Vicki Batman says:

      I agree, Darlene! I downloaded a few recently. Sigh. I know my kindle is packed already.


  2. Hey, Vicki. Great post. So I was one of those people who said I’d never do an e-reader. About the same time I said I’d never do Facebook! LOL I have both a Nook (a friend had one and we thought we might share–never did that) and a Kindle. I put books for my husband on the Nook and generally, non-fiction books there. Say what you will about Amazon, they’ve made it sooooo easy to buy a book.
    I struggled with the concept of giving away books free, just willy-nilly. I do now give away a free e-book, monthly to some lucky commenter on my Newsletter. It’s easier for me to do a 99 Cent sale. I try to do one of those a month. Occasionally, I do some extra thing. Mailing print books costs a ton, but I occasionally do that, too. And I do write reviews and yes only 4 & 5s. If I don’t like the book, I don’t write the review. I write them because I hope others will write reviews for me books. Great questions and post, Vicki. I’ve shared. 🙂

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    1. Vicki Batman says:

      I love how you have two e readers, Marsha. I do some giveaways but not as many, after all, I am a writer and have to make some money.


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