Feeling Grinchy

I’ve been feeling a little Grinchy lately. Maybe it’s because I’m busy at work. Maybe it’s because this is the first Christmas without my dad. Or, maybe it’s because trying to sync everyone’s schedule for our family Christmas outing is a Grinchy pain in the jingle ball.

I decided to attack this grouchy, green funk by starting a new exercise routine. I mean, what better way to release those endorphins than to break a sweat, right?

I’d done the gym workouts, but I’m not a self-motivator. I’d done jazzercise, Zumba, and aerobics, but I’m not über coordinated, and trying to keep up with the steps stresses me out. Yoga, while relaxing, all that focusing and finding my Zen didn’t appeal to my inner Grinch.

So, I took up Pilates. I mean, exercising while flat on my back sounded perfect.

I did the intro class. Easy peasy, I can hang. The group was about my age, and there were none of those things I hate-running, burpees, flipping tires, or women in skimpy outfits that make me wish I was twenty + years younger.

I survived, and I felt a little better. I put up my Christmas tree. I wrapped presents. I was more productive at work. My Grinchy attitude began to decline.

I skipped my shower and rushed through lunch to make my next Pilates class. It wasn’t as easy as the intro class. I had trouble with the machine. I had trouble with the strappy thingys. And, I had trouble with the springs.

No problem. These women were nice, supportive, and ignored the cheese I had stuck to my chin from the spinach dip at lunch. (Horror. Saw it in the mirror when we began the pulley exercises). My new Pilates peeps didn’t mind my Stink (No shower), Stank (Machine trouble), Stunk (All around-should have been kicked out of the class).  

Now, with three classes logged in my book, I’m feeling much better. My Grinch is gone, and I’m ready to tackle the holidays. I’ve made new friends, broken a sweat, and discovered something new.

If you’re feeling a little Grinchy, go out into the world and find something to make your day better. A long walk, a funny movie, volunteering to lend a hand or trying something new. Whatever it takes to create those good-feely hormones that make your heart grow and appreciate the holidays ahead.

I’d love to hear how you fight off those Grinchy feelings.  

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  1. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Janet! Handsome felt Grinchy. I suggested more holiday music. A trip to the mall where we saw lots of holiday things and bought some things. We’ve looked at lights twice. And we are upping the holiday movies. I’ve been thinking about pilates too (new place opened nearby) but I’m gonna have to work on the schedule! Happy holidays. vb

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  2. Pat Amsden says:

    I turned on the holiday music, danced a few steps then sank into a book, (yours look good). it was the latest Louise Penny so I joined the people of Three Pines while drinking a fancy Christmas coffee. Bliss!

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  3. Hey, Janet. You’re talking one of my favorite things–Pilates. Yes in deed. I’ll go in to my daughter’s studio feeling worse than grinchy, and I walk out feeling like a million dollars. Even doing the map class at home makes me feel good. I usually watch Hallmark Christmas movies or HGTV while I’m doing that. Our botanical garden has a spectacular light show and we’re going tomorrow so I know I’ll be in the spirit after that. I htink it’s important to remember that this isn’t everyone’s favorit time of year. Many, many years ago, my father died in December. That one was really grim. I think we operated on automatic pilot. But it does get better. Blessings of the season, my friend. I shared. 🙂


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