Wrapping my head around a new year…already?!

So, 2023 is right around the corner. Some people are getting ready to party and celebrate. Some are busy setting goals and making plans for the new year. Others are still wondering what the heck happened to 2022.

I’m in that still-wondering-what-happened-to-2022 category. A sign of my age, I suppose. The years go by faster and faster. And I’m starting to feel the time crunch. So much to do!

As we get ready to open a new calendar and start a new year, many of us spend at least a few minutes taking stock of the old year—where we are, what we accomplished or didn’t. And we look ahead to where we’re going. To new possibilities. Maybe a fresh start. A new direction.

322511920_502197432009529_7962941774949909507_nI don’t typically make a New Year’s resolution or set a specific goal for the year. But I do try to assess the year, remember accomplishments, and give a little thought to the year ahead. I have a lot to look forward to. My husband and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary. My son is getting married in June, and my daughter and her husband are beginning to talk about babies! Exciting times ahead!

Looking back is a little less exciting. I only released one book in 2022. And in assessing the year, I realized that January 2nd marks the ten-year anniversary of the day I published my first novel. Ten years. Ten books. Some authors crank out way more books per year. I’m amazed at authors who can produce three or more books in a single year. I’m not a fast writer. I need ideas and thoughts to percolate. Sometimes I get discouraged that I don’t have a million fans. I haven’t made the New York Times Bestseller list. I’m still basically unknown to most readers. And I wonder if 2023 is the year I should re-evaluate and perhaps choose another course.

But when I started looking back at 2022, I glanced through the books I read this year. And I remembered there were a fair number of books I started and didn’t finish. Some were boring. Others just not my cup of tea. A couple of those books were popular bestsellers that other readers raved about. It reminded me that not everyone likes every book. Some books sell better than others. Some catch the attention of an “influencer” while others never reach those eyes. That’s the way it goes.

As I contemplate the new year and hopes and dreams and goals, I know I’ve hit the finish line only if I give up and stop writing. That means I keep going. Keep learning. Keep writing. Keep looking for ways to connect with readers. I re-read those weekly words of inspiration from the Word by Word authors, and I persist! I remember the five-star reviews and the times a reader posted one of my books to their “favorite” list on Goodreads.

UL fave list

The goal? To finish a romance I’m working on then turn my attention to a women’s fiction I started a few years ago. To celebrate the successes no matter how small. And when this time rolls around a year from now, I’ll take another look. 🙂

Wherever you find yourself in 2023, I wish you health, happiness and all the energy and inspiration you need!


Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

In honor of my ten-year anniversary of becoming a published author, here’s a look at my debut novel, Unexpected Legacy. It’s contemporary fiction with romantic elements.

— Matt Dalton’s world is spinning off its axis. Without warning, he’s thrown into the world of parenting a teenager. Matt meets his son for the first time when the sixteen-year-old is dealing with the consequences of a tragic car accident. Not only has Brady lost his best friend, he faces disability and scars both physical and emotional.

Determined to do whatever it takes to give his son a second chance, Matt looks to his alma mater to step up and help Brady regain his athletic abilities and sense of self. But sparks fly when Matt meets the high school principal, the captivating Kate Austen. Kate is ready to take Brady under her wing, but to her that means helping him refocus and find a new passion – using his brains rather than his brawn. Kate fully expects the younger Dalton to come with issues and challenges…his father may prove to be the biggest one of all.

Though the chemistry is hard to ignore, Kate fights to keep her personal feelings and professional life separate. At the same time, Matt struggles to gain his son’s trust, and Brady must face the road to recovery and find a way to accept the changes in his life.

Unexpected Legacy is a compelling story of bravery, compromise, and resilience. –

Unexpected Legacy is available in print and digital formats at your favorite online book retailer. To learn more about my books, visit my website at www.darlenedeluca.com. Happy reading!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey, Darlene. I guess we double posted. LOL Sorry. Hope you have a great new year. 🙂


  2. PS. Your books are wonderful, Darlene. Keep on keeping on, girl. I’m about a one book a year writer, too. As long as you love it, keep going. 🙂


  3. Theresa Hupp says:

    Don’t disparage your progress, Darlene. My goal is to have ten books done by the time I’m 70, so I have 3+ years to write 2.5 books. You’ve already got ten books published.

    I do detailed goals each year, and track my progress every two weeks. And I still don’t get it all done! It’s not the resolutions that matter, it’s the action.



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