Resolutions? Not me.

For New Year’s Eve, Handsome and I dined at my favorite Mexican restaurant. He tried a new cocktail. I ate my favorites. While we waited for our food, Handsome asked me if I had any resolutions. I said, “No. I don’t do them.”

I think he was disappointed with my answer. He’s the kind of guy who makes resolutions. Sometimes, he tells me; sometimes, not. Our conversation turned to a book we’d read about having a healthy marriage.

You would think having been married for as long as we have, ours was perfect. No. I believe no one’s marriage is truly perfect. There’s a lot of compromise, consideration, kindness, cuddling, respect, and more.

The book identified what you need from a partner and what you can give your partner. For example, I’m a giver. I do many many things for us. I expect nothing in return; however, recognizing what I’ve done is welcomed. I also like touch-mostly big hugs. Handsome does many things and receiving positive and grateful thoughts.

He’s vowed to say “I love you” every day. That’s his resolution, or one of them. LOL.

I vowed to express my gratitude for all he does more frequently.

So maybe I don’t always have a New Year’s Resolution. I just continue to work on being a better me.

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  1. Hey, Vicki. Love your post. I don’t set resolutions so much as set goals, which I try to make measurable. Like I’ll lose those extra 4 pounds by my birthday. While I was sick I seriously over-induilged. The milkshakes felt soooo good on my throat. They couldn’t hurt, could they? LOL So that’s more of a short term goal. Then I have the goal of another book this year, but I’m behind in that. Can’t decide which story to write. So I need to get crackin’ or that one won’t happen. I’m a slowish wrter because I have lots of other things I do. And that’s all right. Thanks for this post. I shared. And Happy New Year to you and Handsome. Should be a blockbuster one with your big anniversary and a wedding. I love weddings. Can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂


  2. Vicki Batman says:

    Thanks so much, Marsha. I’m glad you are on the mend. If shakes help the throat, do it! I could stand to lose a few and am hoping surgery (not a biggie) will help. I started on my fourth mystery, too. I do lots of other things, mostly mahjongg. LOL. The anniversary was nice. The wedding was loverly. All is good.


  3. Reggi Allder says:

    Hi Vicki, what a wonderful blog! Hubby and I don’t make resolutions, but this year we did decided to spend more time together with more time outside gardening and going for walks. 🙂 Happy New Year!


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