Do you have a favorite kind of music that feeds your soul?I loved shopping at the mall to discover unique things. While shopping there with a galpal, we visited a nature store. While I looked at all their fun stuff, a fountain bubbled in the background. A catchy guitar song filled the store. My friend and I bobbed our heads, liking the tune. I listened to more songs and decided the CD (Nova Menco) would be perfect for Handsome’s birthday. (He liked music. He would enjoy it—right?)

Handsome listened to the CD; however, I liked it more than he did. I constantly played it in my car. I ended up buying the other CDs this group offered.

When I write, I listen to classical music because the music doesn’t distract me from the writing. Occasionally, the station plays classical and Spanish guitar. I would scribble down the artists’ names (Pepe Romero, David Russell, Jesse Cook, Armik), research their music, and download music I liked. One recommendation led to another and another…and so on.

Well, let’s say my guitar playlist is verrrryyy long. LOL.

By chance, one of the greats would be featured at a nearby concert.  Handsome and I attended the show we discovered the guitar became a beautiful thing in their hands. Overjoyed with the music, we decided to go to the society’s concerts. We weren’t disappointed, and again, I bought more guitar music.

For me, the chance visit to a store in the mall produced a small kernel that grew into a big… You get the idea. A love. An obsession. A delight.

Have you ever had an idea, a hobby, or a budding passion take over your life?

Here’s more fun for your soul–books!! And a fun giveaway!

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Happy V’Day! VB

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  1. joylennick says:

    I often listen to music while writing. Both assist the soul to open its heart, especially Spanish guitar music. Aah! xx

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  2. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Joy! Thank you for visiting with me today. Spanish guitar is unbelievable. Even a novice would appreciate the fast fingering. I can’t wait until the show tomorrow. vb


  3. Pat Amsden says:

    Oh, I love that story and not yet! I actually like putting on classical music at night which calms my dog enough to sleep, not bark. My mom used to play Mozart on the piano so I sometimes feeel all squishy inside listening to Mozart.

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  4. Reggi Allder says:

    Hi Vicki, at one point I was a music major in college. I love many types of music from classical, folk, and rock. But when I’m writing, I don’t often have music on. Perhaps because I listen too closely to the sounds, it takes me away from my story. 🙂

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  5. Hey, Vicki. What a great post. Sorry to be stopping by so late. I was worn out Friday from several really late nights staying with a granddaughter. I almost always have the TV on in the background. l listen to music in the car and love how Sirius shows who’s singing what song. I’m so bad with names. I’m always going. Oh, that’s by XXXX. Fun. I shared. 🙂


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