Defining Courage

Definition of Courage: the strength of character; will power; daring; fortitude.

Once in a Lifetime?

Often when unusual life events happen, people say it is “once in a lifetime.” If the event was horrible, we vow to remember and take precautions. I’ve gone without heat before and without power for four days when temps reached 100. But nothing like what happened recently in Texas-a horrid freeze blanketed the whole state….

The Blessings of a Snow Day

The days have moved past the holidays and on to winter weather and better news for our health. And then last week…SNOW! Snow doesn’t come often where I live. So, when the weathercasters began predicting snow, everything became more alive and exciting. Two days till Snow Day. One day till Snow Day. The morning of…

Vicki Batman – Vintage Christmas

My mom was a crafty person. I don’t think she ever thought she couldn’t do something. I remember her making many Christmas things–a felt decorated tablecloth, sequined ornaments, Christmas stockings. Something about appreciating handmade things has always been a part of me. So over many years, I have collected those things. When I began, I…

What’s your creative weapon of choice? Brushes, pens, or pencils?

Pencils? That’s what you use, Vicki? Seriously? If you ran into me working, you’ll probably see three things–4×4 ruled sticky notes, a large calendar book, and yellow mechanical pencils. Yes, pencils. I wouldn’t use a brush. I’m so not a painter like our beloved Kathryn. As for pens? A long time ago, I took shorthand….