Defining Courage

Definition of Courage: the strength of character; will power; daring; fortitude.

What Provides Inspiration? Certainly not a Colonoscopy

Like many of you, staying at home because of Covid gave Handsome and I have found inspiration to work on projects around the house. We are avid fans of HGTV. So we have been educated enough to be dangerous. We’ve worked on the yard. Reworked our garages, adding new openers and electrical outlets for future…


By Kathryn Jane “In times of change, we can resist, or we can pull up our bloomers and get with the program–because change is gonna happen whether we like it or not.” With the world around us changing at a terrifying pace, we have decided to stop floating along with the current, and start swimming….

That’s Entertainment!

Staying home means finding things for Handsome and me to do. We love movies and thank goodness for TCM. Old movies rock. And no matter how many times I watch an oldie but goodie, I’ll watch it again. Here’s some I love:   Bridget Jones’ Diary-romantic comedy: a reinterpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice….

Starry Night

When we look up at the heavens, we are captivated by the stars. They winkle and twinkle. They form constellations. We are guided by them. Isn’t it joyous to lay on soft grass and stare up with a loved one by our side? I love all things Christmas. I have many wonderful memories of decorating the…