The Great Outdoors

  …is the view right outside my office window. Why is that important?   My desk where I play What if??? is adjacent to a large window, and when stuck, I take a look outside. Invariably, I’m inspired by the massive red oak trees in my front yard, the leaves changing from dark green to…

Mommy, Would You Read to Me?

I remember the days when Mom and I snuggled on the couch in the family room and she read aloud to me. Being immersed in the pages and studying the illustrations was nirvana. I specifically remember about age six asking her to read aloud, and she said, “You can read.” I said, “Only out loud.”…

Being Creative

I admit—I’m addicted to the Holiday Baking Championship shows. The Thanksgiving, holiday, Easter, bake-off with champions, kids. All of them.

The Big Switch

I began my writing career with my first humorous romantic mystery, Temporarily Employed.


I know what you are thinking—what does discovery have to do with writing? For me, there are several things to discover in the writing process: 1/Finding out what a cover artist has developed for the cover of the book. 2/Delving into edits to uncover what an editor feels the book needs to be fully developed….

Bring on the Holidays! Food. Movies. Books.

   Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for my family, this day marks the kick-off of the holiday season.   Tons of parties with good food. Snacks to curl up on the couch with and munch on while watching a sentimental holiday flick. I love it! If I can, I watch: The Grinch Who…

Last Year was Tough. This year was Tougher.

  I’d like all of you to do me a huge favor: Today, go to Romance Lives Forever at:   . I’m blogging about Handsome’s and my journey through his second surgery to repair his jaw which collapsed last year after radiation he received ten years earlier for base of tongue cancer. Then I need a second…