Follow Your Heart

I was happy publishing Romantic Suspense for more than five years. I wrote about women I’d like to hang out with–kickass women just as comfortable riding in a limo as piloting a helicopter or riding a racehorse. Women who didn’t need a handsome prince to save them. Then, after being a part of a local…

Terrible at Keeping Secrets

I don’t really have a BIG secret. However, this one is important to me (and hopefully, you!). Last year, I decided on two new writing projects. Oh my, how the work tied me in knots. I was still working on my third romantic comedy mystery.  I’ve plowed through and turned it in. I’m working on…

The Great Outdoors

  …is the view right outside my office window. Why is that important?   My desk where I play What if??? is adjacent to a large window, and when stuck, I take a look outside. Invariably, I’m inspired by the massive red oak trees in my front yard, the leaves changing from dark green to…

Writing vs. Life

Do you set goals? For your job? For writing? For health? Well, I have done that for many years. In the past I wrote about strategies to help with goal setting and carrying out the actions to meet those goals for this blog. Those of you have publishers get your writing goals set by them….

The Big Switch

I began my writing career with my first humorous romantic mystery, Temporarily Employed.