Defining Courage

Definition of Courage: the strength of character; will power; daring; fortitude.

Vicki Batman – Vintage Christmas

My mom was a crafty person. I don’t think she ever thought she couldn’t do something. I remember her making many Christmas things–a felt decorated tablecloth, sequined ornaments, Christmas stockings. Something about appreciating handmade things has always been a part of me. So over many years, I have collected those things. When I began, I…

What’s your creative weapon of choice? Brushes, pens, or pencils?

Pencils? That’s what you use, Vicki? Seriously? If you ran into me working, you’ll probably see three things–4×4 ruled sticky notes, a large calendar book, and yellow mechanical pencils. Yes, pencils. I wouldn’t use a brush. I’m so not a painter like our beloved Kathryn. As for pens? A long time ago, I took shorthand….

The Great Outdoors

  …is the view right outside my office window. Why is that important?   My desk where I play What if??? is adjacent to a large window, and when stuck, I take a look outside. Invariably, I’m inspired by the massive red oak trees in my front yard, the leaves changing from dark green to…

Being Creative

I admit—I’m addicted to the Holiday Baking Championship shows. The Thanksgiving, holiday, Easter, bake-off with champions, kids. All of them.

The Big Switch

I began my writing career with my first humorous romantic mystery, Temporarily Employed.


I know what you are thinking—what does discovery have to do with writing? For me, there are several things to discover in the writing process: 1/Finding out what a cover artist has developed for the cover of the book. 2/Delving into edits to uncover what an editor feels the book needs to be fully developed….

Readers Wanted

    Welcome to our brand new  Sisterhood of Suspense Readers’ Forum on Facebook! Join us for excerpts, cover reveals, and ARCs. Meet and interact with a great group of writers. Ask about our books, our writing process, our pets, or even our favorite places for vacation. 😀 Help us out when we need a character name, a…