Bookish Questions too

I’ve been thinking about “book related” questions and have a few to ask you. Free Books: Free Books abound right now, many produced by new-to-me authors as giveaways for contests. I admit I have discovered new authors this way and have been enticed by their storytelling craft to buy other of their books. That’s not…

Clean-up and the “H” Word

You may be wondering how clean-up, especially doggie poo clean-up, is inspirational? It’s a stretch. LOL. Hang on, and let’s think a bit. Recently, I participated in a Zoom chat with friends. The topic segued into a discussion on I “hate” projects. The “H” word was used multiple times, and my thinking turned to—I don’t…

Defining Courage

Definition of Courage: the strength of character; will power; daring; fortitude.

Vicki Batman – Vintage Christmas

My mom was a crafty person. I don’t think she ever thought she couldn’t do something. I remember her making many Christmas things–a felt decorated tablecloth, sequined ornaments, Christmas stockings. Something about appreciating handmade things has always been a part of me. So over many years, I have collected those things. When I began, I…

What’s your creative weapon of choice? Brushes, pens, or pencils?

Pencils? That’s what you use, Vicki? Seriously? If you ran into me working, you’ll probably see three things–4×4 ruled sticky notes, a large calendar book, and yellow mechanical pencils. Yes, pencils. I wouldn’t use a brush. I’m so not a painter like our beloved Kathryn. As for pens? A long time ago, I took shorthand….

The Great Outdoors

  …is the view right outside my office window. Why is that important?   My desk where I play What if??? is adjacent to a large window, and when stuck, I take a look outside. Invariably, I’m inspired by the massive red oak trees in my front yard, the leaves changing from dark green to…

Being Creative

I admit—I’m addicted to the Holiday Baking Championship shows. The Thanksgiving, holiday, Easter, bake-off with champions, kids. All of them.